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As of the 2021 boating season, the Strong’s & Grover’s partnership will manage the Atlantique Marina under a long-term agreement with the Town of Islip.

The Strong’s and Grover’s families have known each other well since the 1950’s, and together bring nearly 150 years of boating, marina operations and hospitality experience to the management of Atlantique Marina.

Having developed a reputation across the Long Island region built on consistently delighting clients, we look forward to enhancing the experience of Atlantique Marina’s boaters this season, and for many seasons to come.

We are committed to operating this special facility with the high level of care we bring to managing our current family of marinas: one in Freeport, three in Mattituck and one in Southampton.  We will be investing in significant upgrades and improvements to the marina over the next several years. In addition, boater education, environmental responsibility, and fun and memorable events will all be part of the Atlantique Marina experience under our management.



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Information is continuously added as details about the upcoming season are finalized. Please check back regularly for updates!

  • Will Islip Town residents still have priority when reserving slips?
  • Yes, always. Islip Town residents will be able to reserve marina slips at least 5 days prior to non-residents, and Town residents will receive priority access to slips at all times.
  • Will there still be a resident decal program?
  • Yes, town decals will still be required; you can purchase those through the town for this year as you always have.  The town uses a rigorous process to prove residency to obtain a decal sticker.  You will be required to provide us with the decal number assigned to you; we will cross-reference that with a list provided by the town. Only those with a Town of Islip Decal will receive the TOIR rate.
  • Will slip rates increase?
  • Slip rates will increase minimally for town residents. Strong’s & Grovers will make significant annual investments in the facility to improve boaters’ experience at Atlantique Marina; slip rates will increase incrementally to support ongoing improvements. Rates for 2021 will be $2. per ft. plus electric for town residents, $4 per ft. plus electric for non-residents. These rates apply to A, B and C slips. Currently, we plan to maintain the same rates every day of the week, including weekends and holidays.
  • What are the electric rates?
  • At this time our plan for electric rates is as follows:
    • A slips – $15. per day
    • B slips – $13. per day
    • C slips – $7. per day
  • Will you continue the town’s disability and senior pricing? What about 50% off Sundays?
  • at this time, we do not plan to continue these pricing discounts.
  • Will there be any changes to the slip reservation process?
  • Yes, to streamline the process, for 2021 reservations will be taken exclusively through Dockwa.  A direct reservation link will be provided shortly.
  • Can we choose our slip?
  • A specific slip may be requested during the Dockwa reservation process. To ensure efficient marina management, the slip requested must be appropriately sized for your boat. If the requested slip is available during your reserved time period, we will assign you that slip.
  • Will all slips be on a reservation system? Will there be any first-come, first-served slips?
  • At this time all slips will be on a reservation system; there will be no designated first come first serve slips.  If there are any slips not reserved, we will allow “day of” boaters to occupy those slips for any period of time that the slip is not reserved, provided it does not exceed the 12 day maximum. For example, if you pull up on a Tuesday and a slip is open, but it is reserved that Saturday, you will be allowed to reserve that slip until Saturday.
  • Is there anything in place to prevent people from reserving the whole season as soon as reservations open for the season?
  • Yes. Boaters will not be able to book more than 12 consecutive days. In addition, we plan to allow residents to book 35 days in advance, and non-residents to book 30 days in advance, so boaters will not be able to make reservations for the entire season as soon as reservations open.
  • When will we be able to reserve slips?
  • We will communicate the Dockwa system information as soon as it’s available. Currently we are planning to allow residents to book slips 35 days in advance, and non-residents to book 30 days in advance.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • We are working with Dockwa to determine the cancellation policy. We will communicate the policy once we confirm the details.
  • Are there minimum or maximum stay requirements?
  • There is no minimum length of stay for a reservation. The maximum length of stay for a reservation is 12 days.  After 12 days, you are required to leave the marina for 72 hours before returning.  This rule will be enforced to provide more boaters with an opportunity to enjoy the marina.
  • Will non-residents be allowed on weekends and holidays?
  • Yes, non-residents will be allowed on weekends, only if there are available slips after residents have had a chance to reserve the slips first.
  • Will we be able to leave our slip and come back?
  • When you reserve a slip with us, it is your slip for the duration of your reservation. If you would like to go over to Kismet or Bayshore for dinner, or just take a sunset cruise, your slip will be open and waiting for you upon your return.
  • Will there be any change to days, times or length of season of the marina’s operation? 
  • Operating hours, days and season will be equal or greater than in years past.
  • Will there be any changes to the on-site restaurant?
  • No, the restaurant will continue to be operated by the previous management.
  • Will Islip Town residents continue to be hired with priority?
  • Yes, Strong’s & Grover’s are committed to investing in the community; Town residents will be given priority in the hiring process.
  • Will the ferry still run to Atlantique?
  • To our knowledge, the ferry does not plan on making any schedule changes. They will still be allowed access to the ferry dock.
  • How do I contact the new management?
  • We are eager to hear your input and suggestions as we take on marina operations. Please email to start the conversation.