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Blackjack odds of winning

Probability of winning at Black Jack: it is mathematically provable that the player has more chances of winning the bank if the cards still in the deck are mostly high (Aces, figures and 10). Counting cards: in American casinos it is strictly forbidden to count, who is even suspected of doing so is dismissed without compliments and placed on the blacklist of casinos in the United States, practically can no longer enter any American gambling hall. In Italy, Europe and, especially online, counting cards is possible and does not involve any infringement. Obviously you have to do it in the gambling halls that give you the opportunity to do it, that is, that use six decks of cards and that do not shuffle the cards after each deal.

WARNING! You can play Black Jack and other casino games for FREE, without paying any dialer connection, and without the obligation to bet real money. Selecting the free version once downloaded the game download.

Blackjack card counting method

Blackjack Counting Method Blackjack card counting method: the 13 cards are divided into 3 groups with the following values.

2-3-4-5-6 are worth +1.

7-8-9 are worth 0 (zero).

10, figures and aces are worth -1.

Card counting at Black Jack: by assigning the above values ​​to the cards that come out in each hand you will eventually have a positive or negative value.

If, when playing with 4 decks, the value exceeds +4, the player has the advantage, because in the deck the number of high cards increases. If the value is negative, the advantage is of the banker. with value from +5 to +10 you can double the bet. with a value of +16 or higher the player’s advantage is very clear.

N.B .: having the odds in favor does not automatically mean winning every hit or almost, it means that in the long run the winning hits will be more numerous than the losing ones.

Black Jack Online tournaments with Royal Croupier

Black Jack LiveThe game of black jack is more and more real! With live tournaments run by a real croupier who deals the cards and interacts with the players sitting at the table, you will have the impression of being at a real casino table. Casino Tropez was the first online casino Root Casino New Zealand to launch this initiative, the success it is enjoying is nothing short of incredible.

Black Jack Live Tournament: each player has the possibility to check his position and that of his opponents, in the general classification, throughout the duration of the tournament.

Casino Tropez also offers a progressive blackjack version, where players’ bets help grow the jackpot prize pool up for grabs.

Casino Tropez: winner of numerous awards and recognitions, it is a leading company in the online gaming industry, its popularity is known for the great initial bonus it offers to all new members and for its extreme dynamism in always offering innovative games such as mobile games.

To participate in online blackjack tournaments simply download the game program, sign up and make a deposit. The rules are identical to the blackjack game that is played in all casinos. To assist you in more depth in this timeless card game, we suggest some links to learn some tricks to try to increase your chances of winning.

In rules and methods of blackjack, Casino di Rodi, offers you numerous links to learn how to move with a certain ease at the game table, suggesting easy game systems for newbies to explain the most famous ones such as the method of counting cards.