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Celebrating Over 70 Years Of Excellence!

Our story begins with Al Grover, who at a young age had a fascination and love of the water. After serving in WWII as a paratrooper, Al Grover returned to long island where he pursued a career on Freeport’s waterfront. He started first by buying a jersey skiff and fished commercially for several years, he was able to moor his boat (free of charge) behind an empty building. The vacant building soon became available and with the help of his brother in law Grover purchased 195 Woodcleft Ave, Freeport, NY (the street now known as The Nautical Mile).

In an attempt to meet overhead, Al Grover started selling boats, first was Old Town boats, then Thompson Boats. Within a short time Grover became one of the largest dealers of small boats. Years later Al acquired the dealership for Chris Craft, Mako and Evinrude Motors. Al Grovers reputation grew as he earned the trust and respect of boaters along the east coast. Grover with his wife at his side soon became one of the largest Chris Craft, Mako and Evinrude dealers in the country.

In 1969 Grover bought 500 South Main St. Freeport and then built the first and only enclosed marina on Long Island-now known as Al Grover’s High and Dry Marina. In 1978 Al’s son Dante, then 18 yrs old, took over the Marina. Dante has continually upgraded the Marina, hiring highly trained and certified mechanics, staying on top of new training and diagnostic technology. Reinvesting in new fork trucks, travel lifts, trailers, installing new docks, offices, and bathrooms all to remain at the forefront of the marine industry. Keeping in the spirit of his fathers love of the water Dante adheres to strict guidelines with regard to the environment and paint disposal-As Melanie Dostis of Newsday wrote “Grover’s is believed to be the first Marina on Long Island to stop using copper bottom paint that would leach into our local waters” Dante has always supported SPLASH (stop polluting and save harbors) a local volunteer organization dedicated to cleaning the local waters and educating people on environmental issues that affect our local waterways. Dante has created a forward-thinking company and is proud of his outstanding staff as many of them are boaters as well and understand that timely service is key to a successful boating season.

So give Al Grovers High and Dry a call or better yet, come on down and talk shop, have a cup of coffee and get Groverized!

Al Grovers

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